Saturday, October 6, 2018

Celebrate Autumn with Landscapes

A pretty farm yard in fall.
I already published some fall landscapes (around the middle of September), but I have a LOT of fall landscapes. I love the brilliant colours and just the glory of the view when the season changes. Every season has it's own beauty, and although I really hate the cold winter months, there are times when the beauty of a fresh snowfall cannot be ignored! I'll publish some of those as the season gets closer, but for now, it's still fall and the world here is still full of it's autumn clothing.

All it takes to lose that is a heavy rainfall and lots of wind, and that happen so quickly here. The fall has been so much drearier than usual - overcast skies for weeks on end, colder than normal temperatures and just a general misery that after a couple of steady weeks of that, you begin to feel a malaise that makes you wish it were over.

What you need at that point is just one day - only a single day of wonderful, brilliant sunshine, a camera, a car, and a good healthy walk around the country roads. Here, doing that is pretty easy since we're less than 5 minutes from all that delicious countryside. One of my favourite things to do in the fall is visit the wildlife sanctuary - here, it is mostly varieties of birds and fowl (like ducks, and swans), but if you're really lucky you can catch a snake warming itself on a rock in the late season sun, or a turtle that's yet to dig into the mud for the winter sleep.

Sometimes you'll find a hare or jackrabbit (hard to chase those), and lots of chipmunks and squirrels still gathering their winter stock.

At this time of year, the sanctuary is relatively peaceful, but absolutely beautiful with it's fall leaves.

The still pond waters on a fall day at the Ayers Wright Sanctuary in Oro-Medonte.
Ayers-Right Sanctuary, Oro-Medonte
Bass Lake Sideroad just outside of Orillia city, properly in the township of Oro-Medonte.
Bass Lake Sideroad near the Sanctuary

A rural road covered with autumn trees.
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A colourful tree stump in the sanctuary wetlands in late Autumn.
Sanctuary stump with colourful growth.
Reflections of autumn trees in a deep blue river make a beautiful sight.
River in Autumn
The old Geo. Langman sanctuary in Oro-Medonte, just outside of Orillia.
Fall colours at the Sanctuary
A pathway at the Sanctuary in fall, surrounded by colourful fall trees.
Fall path at Sanctuary
Pretty yellow leaved trees and a ground covering of autumn leaves at Westridge Park.
Westridge Park in Fall
A tunnel created by trees all dressed in their autumn foliage.
Fall Tree Tunnel

A country horse ranch in the fall, near Orillia.
Country Horse Ranch

A rural road covered by a tunnel of trees.
A brilliant tunnel of trees over a rural road.

Dat's all for now folks ... though I still have even more fall ones. Can't post them all at once!