Friday, September 28, 2018

Some Free Image Textures

A cutglass wineglass with a handful of green grades on a lace background.
Today I'll step away from the photos of "things" and offer some of my textures. Technically, these files are photos, and they are even photos of things, just not "objects". Most of these are photos of either fabrics or papers that can be used for backgrounds or made into repeating textures called "tiles".

These I didn't make into tiles myself, so essentially they are just the photo. That allows the user to decide what to do with it's use, but if you do want to make a chunk of the image into a repeating tile (good for web backgrounds) and don't really know how, there are some software options available that you can use.

Pixplant is one I have used before; others are options like Patternizer's striped pattern generator, and PatternIco for doing it online. There are many small freeware products out there for doing this - at one point I had half a dozen installed and they all produced something slightly different, depending on the design in the original photo. If all you need is to make a basic tiled web background, any one of the free products would probably do the job just fine.

Personally, I just use Photoshop since I own that product. It does the job, but sometimes it takes a lot of fiddling to get it to tile seamlessly.

For using textures in 3D software you generally do need to have a seamless tile ... although I haven't used a 3D software in about 5 years, so some of the functions may have changed since then. Anyone who uses 3D imaging programs regularly will probably already know how to turn these into useful textures for the program's use. It only takes a small bit of an image (256 X 256) to make a texture that will work on 3D objects.

A wedding background or printage paper with blurred floral bouquet in the background, a lace clothing holding vintage pearls and two gold wedding rings.The first two image files (the wedding paper/background and the wineglass background) aren't really tileable images. These were designed for a more specific use, like an invitation background, or an announcement (the glass one was originally designed to use for a drink menu).

Most of the images in today's post are either photos of paper (several lined papers, crumpled paper, etc.) or of cardboard. If I remember correctly, 2 of the vintage papers were the paper covering the flyleaf of a Victorian book.

Some of the vintage cardboard ones are from something most people probably wouldn't even think to look at to get textures. Both my family and my husband's have a pile of old photos (some from the late Victorian era, most from the 1930s and 1940s).  Most of those come in a cardboard sleeve - some have covers that close over the frame part.

A lot of these older photo cases have patterns and designs on some part of the cardboard. That's where a lot of these older designs came from. I probably wouldn't have looked at that as texture material either, except I was trying to create some downloadable frames for another site I had.

Maybe sometime in the next few months I'll upload a few of the frame templates I created. They're a little tougher to upload because some are super large files, and being in a template format some are only in photoshop's .psd format, so they'd only be useful to people who have any version of photoshop that will use layers.

Anyway, here's the batch for today. Just a word ... the page might load a little slow because some of these are pretty large files.

A vintage pattern in beign and gray with an odd spiderweb pattern.
Period Backing from a Photo Frame (c. 1930s)
A pattern from a vintage paper in a golden or mustard brown, with darker brown veins running through it.
Brown/Mustard Vintage Paper
A vintage paper with a tiny pattern of diamonds in a grid format.
Vintage Grid Pattern

Faux marble-like texture on a vintage paper pattern in ivory/gray.
Ivory and Gray Veined Vintage Paper
A paper from the flyleaf of a victorian era book with flower like designes in a diamond shape.
Victorian Paper from Book Flyleaf
A cross-like pattern stamped into the back of a piece of hardboard backing a photo.
Old Hardboard Pattern
A simple piece of brown/newsprint type paper.
The "Plain Brown Wrapper" Paper

A piece of cardboard with impressed round dents, probably from glasses or bottles.
Cardboard with Impressed Dents
A piece of scrapbook paper wrinkled and then flattened again.
Wrinkled Paper

A gray and white linear pattern from the back of a vintage photo frame.
Vintage Gray Background
A red carboard background from an old photo grame with impressed wrinkled.
Red Vintage Cardboard Background

Part of a bookcover from a late Victorian Book with impressed design and seams.
Brown Victorian Bookcover

A green bookcover from the World's Fair (uncertain of the year, but probably 1900-ish).
Green Cover from World's Fair
Lined paper texture in yellow with blue lines.
Yellow Lined Paper
White paper texture with black lines.
Lined Paper
Piece of white paper with blue lines.
Blue Lined Paper Texture

Okay folks, that's it for this time. Sorry, that's a lot more images than I normally put in a single post so I hope it didn't slow down the page too awful much!