Sunday, September 16, 2018

Fall/Autumn Landscapes

It's that time of year again. Right now, it's technically still summer (we won't hit fall until a few days from now), but the evenings have gotten cooler, even if our daytime temps are still very summer like (today's weather is calling for highs of 83 degrees today, and 81 tomorrow ... that isn't very fall like for Canada!) so to herald in the upcoming autumn, here's a bunch of fall landscapes to decorate your blog posts with.

Lovely fall foliage against a rocky shoreline, with a road peeking out from behind.

The photo above is from an area about 15 minutes away from my house. A little village area in Ontario called Hawkestone. It's about halfway between the city of Barrie, and Orillia. A very sought after location for those wanting to escape the city, but not be so far away that it's too far to travel in winter.

The image below is another shot of the shoreline at Hawkestone, but a little further away from the roadway shown in the one above. In fall, the Hawkestone area is gorgeous, and a great place for photographers, because it has areas that look like wilderness, but also areas with waterfront, and areas with quaint houses and farms.

The next few images were taken in Georgia, at Berry College. This is an absolutely stunning place to visit - there is no refuting the fact that the grounds are simply gorgeous. Ancient stone buildings, small wooden cabins, hills, valleys, ponds, forest ... this location not only offers all of that and the attendant wildlife that comes with it, but it has a long history and interesting tale behind the entire location and it's buildings. Honestly, you need to stop here if you ever visit that area (near Rome/Canton in Georgia). Oh yea, and just to note ... most of the images from that visit to Georgia are rather smallish ... taken with one of Nikon's first digital cameras which was a tiny point and shoot style. I didn't take along any of my film cameras on that trip so, they are what they are, but the area was so lovely, it's hard not to share anyways, but the images are probably only going to be good for others who want to illustrate their blog posts.

Fall foliage surrounds this hidden pond area in a remote location on the grounds of Berry College in Rome, Georgia.

On the grounds of Berry College in Georgia, a small stone cabin is the home of an old wooden water wheel.

The forested area surrounding the old wooden water wheel at Berry College, Georgia.

A more complete shot of the wooden water sheel at Berry College in Rome Georgia - notice the water sluice on top of the wheel, and how the delicate the build of the wheel is?

A couple sitting on a wooden swing at the edge of a pond feeding the ducks and geese - a nice way to relax on an autumn day.

The balance of the photos are from around Ontario - some from just outside of Orillia, and one right below (the intensely coloured leaves) is from just outside of Bracebridge, Ontario.

Intense orange and red cover the leaves of a maple whose branches are dipping into the waters of a reservoir, near Bracebridge Ontario.

A farm field in autumn with grazing cows.

A small field on a horse ranch showing trees in autumn colours.

That's it for today ... or at least for this morning. It's way too nice a day today to spend it indoors at the computer. That goes for you too ... get outside and do something fun instead of sitting inside. Did you know your body absorbs vitamin D3 from the sun?  Just 10 minutes ... go on, go out and get your vitamins!