Thursday, October 25, 2018

A Little Mix-up

Usually I try to post up images in categories but today it's a bit of a mash-up. Partly because instead of just posting all the images from my old site, I'm trying to create new ones. Normally I have lots of time for this kind of thing but at the moment, I've got 3 new sites to update (one for my husband), and all of them need images, even if they are different sites.

You can't just use a bunch of the same images on each site, so that's taking time. Plus, it's close to the end of October, and nearly time to start the Christmas baking (I usually start early November and bake almost daily right up til Christmas).

Anyway, in no particular order, here's a batch of images you can use.

Two stuffed cows holding blank signs.
Sign Cows

Two stuffed cows holding blank signs - these might be useful for someone in the education field. The signs are blank so the person using them can add their own text, but of course that would mean the user would need to know how to add the text.

If you think you have a use for them but don't do image editing, shoot me an email and tell me what you want on them and I'll be happy to add it for you.

The cows were something my husband bought for me quite a while ago (over 10 years now). On our first trip down south (Georgia) we pulled in at a truck stop for gas, and a bite to eat, and in their shop they had all kinds of stuff I didn't expect to see, including the cow on the left. The original sign on it said "McDonalds Farm or Bust" and inside the neck was a spring, so his head bounced up and down. I don't really know why, but I was taken with it. My husband bought it for me and he (the cow) sat on our dashboard the rest of the way to Georgia, and then, all the way home.

The second cow came a few years later; different truck stop, different trip. The pair have ridden on our dashboard pretty much every trip. Except last year ... oh, they went down south with us on the dashboard (Florida), but I forgot to bring them back home. I left them in our house in Florida.

Hydro lines and a transmission tower shaped like a Mickey Mouse head.
Mickey Mouse Transmission Tower
The transmission tower is another picture from our first trip to Florida - who would have thought that anywhere outside of Disney you'd find a transmission tower that's shaped like Mickey Mouse's head and ears? Yeah, me neither. This was along Highway 4 between Lakeland and Kissimee.

An oak staircase with landing and upper stairs and a carpet runner.
A staircase with carpet runner.

Looking down an oak staircase.
Looking down the staircase.
The staircase photos above came from one of the hotels we stayed at. I don't take a lot of pictures like that, but when I first looked at the staircase from below my mind could see a bride standing about mid-stair, partly turned looking down, with the train of her dress flowing down the stairs. I guess that's from years as a photographer.

A glittery blue mask with black ties, the type worn at a masquerade party or for Halloween.
A Masquerade Mask
I bought up a bunch of these masks in different colours, with some having slightly different shapes or bits on them, and one made entirely of feathers, and the red one below has no glitter, but gold. Mostly it was photo props, and after they served their purpose I donated them. They weren't expensive, but much more wearable that some other masks I've tried.

A masquerade style eye mask golden trim and a spiderweb design in gold.
Red Masquerade Mask
A pair of mated swans rubbing necks.
Mated Swans from Morton Lake in Lakeland, Florida

A collection of camera related items, like lenses, bags and filters.
Analog SLR, a 50mm manual focus lens, a large lense hood and some filters.
A youg girl reading a newspaper.
A young girl reading current events in a newspaper.

Okay, dat's all folks.

Halloween's about a week away, are you ready?

Four kids dressed up and ready for trick or treating on Halloween.