Monday, February 7, 2011

It's February - And Time for Sweethearts

Heart Ribbons
Sapphire Ring & Teddy
Our last post promised some free stock photos for the next holiday - for me that's the one coming up on February 14th. How many of you celebrate this day day for sweeties? Oddly enough, this is one of the holidays we really haven't spent a lot of time celebrating. I guess it could be because my husband hasn't ever really needed a reason for giving me gifts - and odd times of the year he'll bring me things; nice things in small packages, or flowers...just because. He's always been that way, so celebrating the "day" hasn't really been a big thing for us.

Sterling Silver Watch
It used to miff me a little when I was young and we were first married, but I quickly realized that he didn't need a special day to say he loved me with some special little gift. But, in honour of the upcoming red-heart day for saying "I Love You" - for those who do celebrate it, or blog it all, here's a few special gifts for the lady on your list.

Garnets and Gold
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Gold Bracelet and Ribbons with Hearts

Diamond Dinner Ring in Lucite Box

Teddy Bear with Emerald and Diamond Ring

Happy Valentine's Day!