Friday, September 25, 2009

Mixed Bag of Goodies

vintage pin or brooch in silver, with blue and white crystal stonesWell today is just a big mixed bag of stuff, from a stethoscope to a designer handbag and jewelry - a little outside of my usual since I try to keep things to a theme, so you'll just have to pick through them one at a time today to find what you need.

A vintage pin (brooch) from the early 1960s in silver plating with faux sapphires and rhinestones in a large sweeping design.

This belonged to my mother and once upon a time also had a pair of clip-on matching earrings.

My grandmother had the same set with green stones (or "faux emeralds" if you like, lol). These types of sets could often be purchased at department stores like Zellers, K-Mart, or Woolco (now WalMart of course) back in the 1960s and 1970s).

silver plated vintage brooch in the shape of a butterfly and covered with rhinestonesHere's another vintage pin that belonged to my mother - a butterfly design in silver plate with rhinestones and faux garnets.

small desk clock on a black base with silver posts and swinging armsThis little desktop clock is an interesting find from a recent garage sale. It stands on a black base with metal posts (chrome plated) and is suspended between centrifugal arms so it swings around in many directions. For the life of me, I can't figure out how to make the clock work tho - there is no way to remove the back (so probably no battery) and there is no winding pin. Someday, maybe...

(oh yeah, and if you want this one without the white background, it can be found on with a transparent background so you can stick it on any background you like.)

Close up of a rubber-coated ball point pen on a lined notepadA rubber-coated ballpoint pen (very common and can be purchased in packs) on an ordinary lined notepad - every office has bunches of these.

medicine bottles and eyedropsThis speaks for itself - medicine bottles with the caps off and in the background are a selection of eye drops.

black Louis Vuitton designer handback - the real thing, not a knock offMy daughter was lucky enough to pick up this Louis Vuitton black designer handbag at a garage sale for $2 - it's the real thing too, not a knock off.

red faux leather jewel box in the shape of a handbagCute little jewel box in red faux leather in the shape of handbag. A sweet gift for any little girl...or maybe even a big girl with something special inside.

a zippered planner with a calculator and lined notepadA planner or portfolio with black zippered cover, interior pockets, built in calculator, ballpoint pen and a lined notepad. Everyday stuff most folks carry around in their least folk in the business world, and maybe even some students.

a standard blood pressure cuff and stethoscopeThis blood pressure cuff and stethoscope are standard equipment for doctors, nurses and personal support workers. This set belongs to my daughter, whose an awesome PSW.

Here we are, it's Friday again. Where did the week go? They are calling for rain this weekend, but have a good something different and maybe take a walk in the autumn rain :)